Metropolis, MTR, Trash Receptacle

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Metropolis, MTR, Trash Receptacle

Metropolis, MTR, Trash Receptacle

Metropolis Steel Trash Receptacles

  • • Main frame and center support are constructed from 1-1/4"x.120 wall steel tubing.
  • • Solid frame construction with all joints fully welded and polished smooth where visible.
  • • Optional integral locking door for easy retrieval and disposal of refuse.
  • • All domed top Metropolis and Intrepid trash receptacles receive the optional integral locking door. Locking door is optional on flat top units.
  • • All planters come standard with a polyethylene liner outfitted with a weep hole.



  • 1-1/4"x.120" wall steel tubing


  • Solid steel sheet; round bar, vertically oriented; flat bar, vertically oriented; vertical laser cut steel sheet; customized laser cut steel sheet. Designate "-SS", "-RB", "-FB", "-VLF", or "-CLS" for the sidewall material after the model designation.


  • Surface flange mount for bolting to existing concrete (standard); freestanding; pole mounted; pedestal mounted (embedded or surface); or embedded (optional). Designate "-F", "-FS", "-PM", "-PSE", "-PSF", or "-E" after the trash receptacle size for surface flanged, freestanding, pole mounted, embedded pedestal mounted, flanged pedestal mounted, or embedded mounting respectively. All of our base plates are full welded and laser cut.


  • Receptacles are available in 24, 32, or 36 gallon standard sizes (optional sizes are also available). Designate "-24", "-32, or "-36" for a 24, 32, or 36 gallon trash receptacle respectively.


  • Domed steel top; astrodome steel rain top, or flat steel top with elevated steel canopy. Designate "-DT", "-AD" or "-FC" after the finish option for a domed steel top, astrodome steel rain top or flat steel top with elevated steel canopy respectively.


  • Hot-dipped galvanized; polyester powder coated; thermoplastic powder coated; or stainless steel with a #4 satin finish. Designate "-G", "-P", "-T", or "-SS" after the mounting option for a galvanized, powder coated, thermoplastic powder coated or stainless steel finish respectively.


  • • Ash urn insert for domed steel top and flat steel top with elevated canopy or door hanging ash urns (Intrepid and Metropolis only). Designate "-AU" or "-DHAU" after top option for optional ash urn or door hanging ash urn.
  • • Side opening door with latch or lockable latch. Designate "-SD" or "LSD" after the top option for side opening door or lockable side opening door respectively. 3. Leveling feet for surface flanged and freestanding trash receptacles. Designate "-LF" for leveling feet.


  • Trash receptacles come standard a rigid plastic liner.