Model TR 8010 Trash Receptacle

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Trash Receptacle Mounting and Top Options

Model TR 8010 Trash Receptacle

Model TR 8010 Trash Receptacle

This trash receptacle has been redesigned for both cosmetic and functional reasons. The modifications to this receptacle’s design include the following:

  • 1. An increased slope from back to front on the top of the receptacle. This steeper slope has the following effects/advantages: a. People are less likely to sit or place objects on the receptacle; b. water/snow is more likely to run off the top of the receptacle; c. the 2” increase in the overall height of the front of the receptacle (the height of the back of the receptacle remains unchanged) alters the general look and design of the receptacle and makes the front portion of the receptacle between the top of the door and the top of the receptacle taller creating a distinct, more robust, appearance.
  • 2. The dimensions of the trash opening have been modified making it larger from top-to-bottom and smaller from side-to-side which also alters the appearance of the receptacle especially from the side view.
  • 3. A newly designed laser cut solid steel base support plate for added rigidity and integrity.


  • Model TR 8010 Trash Receptacle



  • Receptacles are available in 32, or 36 gallon standard sizes (custom sizes are also available). Designate “-32 or “-36” for a 32 or 36 gallon trash receptacle respectively.


  • Surface flange mount for bolting to existing concrete (standard); freestanding; pole mounted; elevated surface mounted legs; pedestal mounted (embedded or surface); or embedded (optional). Designate “-F”, “-FS”, “-PM”, “-EL”, “-PSE”, “-PSF”, or “-E” after the trash receptacle size for surface flanged, freestanding, pole mounted, elevated legs, embedded pedestal mounted, flanged pedestal mounted, or embedded mounting respectively.


  • Hot-dipped galvanized; polyester powder coated; thermoplastic powder coated; or stainless steel with a brushed finish. Designate “-G”, “-P”, “-T”, or “-SS” after the mounting option for a galvanized, powder coated, thermoplastic powder coated, or stainless steel finish respectively.


  • 1. Side mounted ash urn insert. Designate “-AU” after the top option for optional ash urn.
  • 2. Leveling feet are available for all freestanding and surface flange mounted units. Designate “-LF” for leveling feet.


  • This receptacle comes standard with a hinged locking or latching door.


  • Trash receptacles come standard with either a hot-dipped galvanized or rigid plastic liner.