Model TR 8007 Trash Receptacle

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Trash Receptacle Mounting and Top Options

Model TR 8007 Trash Receptacle

Model TR 8007 Trash Receptacle


  • Model TR 8007 Trash Receptacle



  • Perforated steel sheet (large round, small round, or square); solid steel sheet; round bar/tube; flat bar; laser cut steel sheet; customized perforated steel sheet; or customized laser cut steel sheet. Designate “-PS”, “-SS”, “-RB”, “-FB”, “-LS”, “-CPS” or “CLS” for sidewall material after the model number.


  • Receptacles are available in 32 or 36 gallon standard sizes (optional larger sizes are available). Designate “-32”, or “-36” after the sidewall designation for a 24, 32, or 36 gallon trash receptacle respectively.


  • Surface flange mount for bolting to existing concrete (standard); freestanding; raised mounted (embedded or surface); or embedded (optional). Designate “-F”, “-FS”, “-RE”, “-RF”, or “-E” after the trash receptacle size for surface flanged, freestanding, raised embedded, raised surface, or embedded mounting respectively.


  • Hot-dipped galvanized; polyester powder coated; thermoplastic powder coated; or stainless steel with a #4 satin finish. Designate “-G”, “-P”, “-T”, or “-SS” after the mounting option for a galvanized, powder coated, thermoplastic powder coated or stainless steel finish respectively.


  • Flat steel top (standard); low tapered steel top (standard); low domed steel top; low domed steel top with self closing door; tapered steel top; domed steel top; or flat steel top with elevated steel canopy. Designate “-F”, “-LT”, “-LD”, “-LDD”, “-TT”, “-DT” or “-FC” after the finish option for a flat steel top, low tapered steel top, low domed steel top, low domed steel top with self closing door, tapered steel top, domed steel top, or flat steel top with elevated steel canopy respectively.


  • 1. Ash urn insert for domed steel top and flat steel top with elevated canopy. Designate “-AU” after top option for optional ash urn.
  • 2. Side opening door with latch or lockable latch. Designate “-SD” or “LSD” after the top option for side opening door or lockable side opening door respectively.
  • 3. Optional elevated legs
  • 4. Leveling feet for surface mounted or freestanding receptacles. Designate “-LF” for leveling feet.


  • Trash receptacles come standard with either a hot-dipped galvanized or rigid plastic liner