Solar Powered Trash Compactor Receptacles Model STC10000

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Solar Powered Trash Compactor Receptacles Model STC10000

Solar Powered Trash Compactor Receptacles Model STC10000

SCH Enterprises, LLC is excited to introduce the new “smart” solar trash compacting trash receptacles that utilize Wi-Fi, IOT, a mobile phone application and the cloud to communicate back and forth with relevant management personnel. These receptacles offer several standard and optional features and that make them both “smart” and customizable. In addition, because these receptacles are powered by solar energy, they are as “green” as they are “smart”.

Standard and optional features include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • 1. Smart Opening System: Infrared sensor detection device automatically opens and closes the garbage door(s) when users are present thereby eliminating the need for the user to touch the receptacle which is crucial in the post-COVID-19 world;
  • 2. Solar Power Supply: Solar panels that are protected underneath a waterproof and vandal-resistant polycarbonate roof provide green energy for these units;
  • 3. Internal Battery Backup: Excess energy generated by the solar panels is stored in an external battery that then powers the receptacle during nighttime hours;
  • 4. Smart Compacting System: The receptacle automatically senses the opening and closing of the feeder door and subsequently compacts the debris which increases the overall capacity of the receptacle and decreases the number of times the receptacle must be emptied.
  • 5. Smart Sterilization System: The inside of the receptacle can be equipped with an ozone generating device, that acts as both a deodorizer and sanitizer by alleviating/eliminating both odors and bacteria;
  • 6. Smart Fire Alarm System: When an open flame or heavy concentration of smoke is present, the receptacle can be equipped with a fire detection system that collects rainwater and then uses this rainwater to extinguish the fire as well as sending the information via SMS to the relevant management personnel;
  • 7. Smart Overflow System: When the receptacle reaches maximum capacity, this information is sent via SMS to the relevant management personnel;
  • 8. Smart Control Platform: Using a mobile device or computer, relevant management personnel can send commands to the receptacle and collect information from the receptacle;
  • 9. USB Charging Port: Using a standard USB interface, users can charge their mobile devices;
  • 10. Internet Hotspot: Using the receptacle’s internet hotspot users and other individuals can surf the internet when in the vicinity of the receptacle.


  • Solar Powered Trash Compactor Receptacles Model STC10000



  • Solid galvanized steel sheet.


  • Surface flange mount for bolting to existing concrete (standard) or freestanding. Designate “-F” or “-FS” after the trash receptacle size for surface flanged or freestanding mounting respectively.


  • Electrostatic spray paint, fluorocarbon baking paint; or anodizing. Designate “-ES”, “-FP”, or “-AN” respectively.


  • Domed polycarbonate roof.


  • Standard galvanized steel sheet.


  • Hinged side-opening door.