Eliminator Removable Embedded Bollard


Bollards Mounting and Top Options

Eliminator Removable Embedded Bollard with Internal Locking Mechanism, ELBR or ELBSQ

  • Bollards are the ideal way to protect buildings, windows, loading docks, equipment and other items, and are also popular for fully or partially blocking access to specified areas.
  • Standard bollard height is 36”. Other heights are also available.
  • Cam lock driven internal locking mechanism.

Removable Bollards


Eliminator Bollard, 6" I.D. Schedule 40 Steel Pipe, Internally Locking Removable Embedded Mounting System, TGIC Polyester Powder Coat, Optional Stainless Steel Finish on the Flange and Hinged Hole Cover (Hot-Dipped Galvanized is the standard finish for the flange and optional hole cover), Removable Flat Cap, Optional Internal Lifting Handle, Optional Hinged Hole Cover.

This bollard is photographed in an uninstalled state. When installed, the sleeve ("A") is embedded so that the top surface of the round flange welded to the top of the sleeve is flush with grade to eliminate the tripping hazard. The Eliminator Bollard then slips into this sleeve and locks into place via a proprietary internal cam lock driven locking mechanism that is actuated by a keyed cam lock cylinder near the top of the bollard. The sleeve on this bollard is also outfitted with an optional hinged, flip up hole cover and set screw so that the hole in the sleeve can be easily covered when the bollard is removed.

Finally, this bollard features an optional removable cap with optional internal lifting handle to aid in lifting the bollard in and out of the sleeve.


  • Schedule 40 round steel pipe (ELBR) or structural and mechanical square steel tubing (ELBSQ). Designate “ELBR” or “ELBSQ” for round pipe or square tubing respectively.


  • 4” I.D. (.237 wall) Schedule 40 steel pipe; 6” I.D. (.280 wall) Schedule 40 steel pipe; 8” I.D. (.322 wall) Schedule 40 steel pipe; or 4”x4” (.250 wall) structural and mechanical square steel tubing (other diameters and sizes are also available). Designate “-4”, “-6”, “-8”, or “-44” respectively after the model number for desired size.



  • Plain; laser cut steel bands; metallic bands; or inset reveals. Please designate “-LB”, “-MB”, or “-RB” after the size designation for a bollard with optional laser cut steel bands, metallic steel bands, or inset reveals respectively. NOTE: SIDEWALL OPTIONS ARE NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE AND CAN BE MIXED AND MATCHED (E.G. A COMBINATION INSET REVEAL WITH LASER CUT STEEL BANDS, MULTIPLE REVEALS, ETC.).


  • Removable embedded with Internal Locking Mechanism. Designate “-LRE” after the sidewall designation.


  • • Bollard: Hot-dipped galvanized; polyester powder coated; or stainless steel with a #4 satin finish. Designate “-G”, “-P”, or “-SS”, after the mounting designation for a galvanized, polyester powder coated, or stainless steel bollard respectively.
  • • Embedment Sleeve: Hot-Dipped Galvanized
  • • Round Flange and Optional Hole Cover: Hot-Dipped Galvanized or Optional Stainless Steel. Designate “-G” or “-SS” after the bollard finish designation for a hot dipped galvanized or stainless steel flange and optional hole cover (if ordered) respectively.


  • Domed cap; oversized domed cap; flat cap; oversized flat cap; custom cap; or capless. Designate “-D”, “-OD”, “-F”, “-OF”, “-CC”, or “-CL” after the finish designation for a domed cap, oversized domed cap, flat cap, oversized flat cap, custom cap, or capless bollard respectively. NOTE: ALL CAPS CAN BE MADE TO BE REMOVABLE.


  • Available with zero, one, two, three, or four optional eyelets for attaching cable or chain. Designate “-1”, “-2”, “-3”, or “-4” after the finish designation for bollards with one, two, three, or four optional eyelets. NOTE: NO DESIGNATION IS NECESSARY FOR BOLLARDS WITHOUT EYELETS.


  • Internal lifting handle; internally hinged, flip up hole cover with countersunk set screw. Designate “-IH” for the optional internal lifting handle and “-HHC” for the optional hole cover.