Model Number: BD 5007 Retractable, Semi-Automatic Bollard


Bollards Mounting and Top Options


  • Bollards are the ideal way to protect buildings, windows, loading docks, equipment and other items, and are also popular for fully or partially blocking access to specified areas.

Model BD 5007 Bollards

Model Number: BD 5007 Retractable, Semi-Automatic Bollard

  • Standard bollard height is 20”. Standard sleeve height is 30”. Other heights may be available.
  • The top of the bollard and the bollard sleeve both sit flush with grade when the bollard is in the fully retracted position creating no obstruction or tripping hazards.
  • Bollard is raised and retracted using a keyed mechanism.
  • Bollards are raised by gas springs and do no require any electrical power supply.
  • More economical alternative to the fully automatic hydraulic bollards, BD5008.
  • Eliminates the need for additional storage and labor to fully remove and transport detachable bollards.
  • Bollards are now available with optional solar lights for additional security.
  • Easy and quick installation.


  • BD 5007


  • 8.5” O.D.



  • Bollards: Stainless steel with a brushed finish
  • Sleeves: Hot dipped galvanized


  • These semi-automatic bollards can be fully retracted into the ground when not in use. They are actuated using a key that unlocks the internal mechanism that puts the bollards in motion. Simply push on the top of the bollard and it will retract into the ground and automatically lock in the fully retracted position. Then, a simple turn of the same key will cause the bollard to automatically rise unassisted to its fully upright and locked position-all accomplished automatically.


  • Bollards: Stainless steel with a brushed finish.
  • Embedment Sleeves: Hot-dipped galvanized or TGIC Polyester powder coated.


  • Solar lights. Please designate “-SL” for the solar light option after the model number.