Model Number: BD 5001 Bollard


Bollards Mounting and Top Options


All of our standard bollards have undergone design modifications as follows:

  • • On the standard embedded bollards, we have modified the embedment portion of the bollard.
  • • On our stand surface mounted flanged bollard we have gone to new laser cut square base plate with rounded corners.
  • • On our removable flanged bollards, we have completely redesigned the base plate connection to make it more secure and give it better integrity.
  • • On our bollards with dome tops we have redesigned the dome top.
  • • On our removable embedded bollards were have incorporated a cross bar in the sleeve which acts as both an anchor and also a “stop” to ensure that the bollard is embedded to exactly the proper depth to engage the locking tabs. We have also redesigned the locking tabs to make them more user-friendly.

Model BD 5001 Bollards

Model Number: BD 5001


Bollards are the ideal way to protect buildings, windows, loading docks, equipment and other items, and are also popular for fully or partially blocking access to specified areas.

  • Standard bollard height is 36”. Other heights are also available.
  • Optional padlockable hole covers are available for embedded removable bollards.
  • Optional domed high density polyethylene protective sleeves are available for bollards without eyelets.


  • BD 5001



  • 4” I.D. (.237 wall) Schedule 40 steel pipe; 6” I.D. (.280 wall) Schedule 40 steel pipe; 8” I.D. (.322 wall) Schedule 40 steel pipe; or 4”, 6”, or 8” structural and mechanical square steel tubing. Designate “-4”, “-6”, “-8”, or “-4SQ”, “-6SQ” or “-8SQ” respectively after the model number for desired size. NOTE: Custom sizes and designs are available including triangular bollards and laser cut bollards.


  • Schedule 40 round steel pipe or structural and mechanical square steel tubing. Designate “BD5001-R” or “BD5001-SQ” for round pipe or square tubing respectively.


  • Embedded (standard); surface flanged for bolting to existing concrete (optional); removable embedded (optional and padlockable); or removable flanged (optional and padlockable). Designate “-E”, “-F”, “-RE”, or “-RF” for an embedded, surface flanged, removable embedded, or removable flanged bollard respectively after the sidewall designation.


  • Hot-dipped galvanized; polyester powder coated; thermoplastic powder coated; polyethylene sleeve; or stainless steel with a #4 satin finish. Designate “-G”, “-P”, “-T”, “-PS”, or “-SS”, after the mounting designation for a galvanized, polyester powder coated, thermoplastic powder coated, polyethylene sleeved, or stainless steel bollard respectively.


  • Plain; laser cut steel bands; metallic bands; or inset reveals. Please designate “-LB”, “-MB”, or “-RB” after the size designation for a bollard with optional laser cut steel bands, metallic steel bands, or inset reveals respectively. NOTE: SIDEWALL OPTIONS ARE NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE AND CAN BE MIXED AND MATCHED (E.G. A COMBINATION INSET REVEAL WITH LASER CUT STEEL BANDS, MULTIPLE REVEALS, ETC.).


  • Domed cap; oversized domed cap; flat cap; oversized flat cap; custom cap; or capless. Designate “-D”, “-OD”, “-F”, “-OF”, “-CC”, or “-CL” after the finish designation for a domed cap, oversized domed cap, flat cap, oversized flat cap, custom cap, or capless bollard respectively


  • Available with zero, one, two, three, or four optional eyelets for attaching cable or chain. Designate “-1”, “-2”, “-3”, or “-4” after the finish designation for bollards with one, two, three, or four optional eyelets. NOTE: NO DESIGNATION IS NECESSARY FOR BOLLARDS WITHOUT EYELETS.