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Steel Bike Lockers

At SCH Enterprises, LLC we offer lockers made from solid or perforated sheet steel and polyethylene.

The highly transparent perforated sheet steel available on all our sheet steel bicycle lockers greatly increases public security by diminishing the chances that bicycle lockers will be used by homeless people or used as a place to store and detonate explosive devices.

We do not offer lockers made from fiberglass laminate over wood, as these lockers are not suitable where high durability is an essential requirement (please call for more details on this topic). Standard CST Series lockers hold 2 bicycles per modular unit, have an interior diagonal partition, and can stand alone or in a linear fashion with other units.

CS Series lockers have two individual keyed doors per unit, use high security cylinder locks with pop-out T-handles (padlock and "U" lock option also available), and have adjustable surface mounted leveling feet. In single capacity lockers we offer a single capacity version of our CS2-C sheet steel locker, the CS1-C. We also offer a triangular single capacity CS1-C unit called the CS1-C-t.


  • • CS 2: 76" L X 39"W X 47"T
  • • CS 1: 76" L X 30"W X 47"T
  • • CS 1-T: 76" L X 39"W X 47"T


  • • Wall and Top Panels: 16 gauge sheet steel; Optional 14 gauge sheet steel; Optional 12 gauge perforated sheet steel.
  • • Door Panels: 12 gauge sheet steel; Optional 12 gauge perforated sheet steel.
  • • Door Frames: 12 gauge steel.
  • • Diagonal Partition: External grade OSB; Optional sheet steel or perforated sheet steel.



  • Heavy Duty 12 gauge steel door frames at both ends. All fasteners are internal.


  • Heavy duty full length 14 gauge steel piano door hinges.


  • Door locks are pop-out T-handles with removable lock cylinder manufactured by Camlock Systems, Abloy Lock Company or the Medeco High Security Lock Company. Locks are individually keyed and equipped with a vertical locking bar which runs the full length of the door from top to bottom. Locks can also be mastered keyed. Lockers can also be used with padlocks or popular "U" shaped locks.


  • Grafitti resistant polyester powder coat. Over 180 colors available. Optional stainless steel lockers with satin finish available upon request.


  • Flanged Surface Mount: Proprietary surface mounted leveling and anchoring system secured by stainless steel anchor bolts and possessing a maximum vertical adjustment of 5 inches.


  • • Number plates (sequentially numbered).
  • • Proprietary stainless steel surface mounted leveling and anchoring system.


  • Lockers ship broken down for on-site assembly. Doors are assembled and hung in their frames prior to shipment.